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You drop a coin... into the sea... and shout out "Please come back to me"...
You name your child... after your fear... and tell them "I have brought you here"...

Friday, September 16, 2011


So this fine morning, we decided to go to Toast for breakfast, has anyone heard of this little cafe?... For those who live in Perth, and do want to go to this awesomely cute little thing its in East Perth, on Royal street, over looking Claisebrook cove (a truly calming site).

The thing about Toast was that you need to know where to look to find it, that is its not really on Royal st, but if you walk down the stairs from Royal st and onto the cove area we found it by the mass of people that were sitting outside bathing in the spring sunlight. And a big crowd usually means that its good right? Yea thats what we thought too (:

But really, it was adorable- the staff were friendly (and awesomely dressed ^^), the coffee was absolutely divine (!!!) and the food was...unique... to say the least, unique and pretty damn tasty too.

What was also cute about the place was that it looked like someone had gone to the Paris flee market, bought a whole heap of shit (posters, cups, books, empty Ricard bottles) and sent it back to Perth to be a decoration in a cafe called "Toast" though I think it should be called "Baguette" instead to carry on with the french theme ><

(the only let down for me was the plastic Ikea cups... I don't really like to drink out of plastic cups if you get me drift...)

(ooooh and see a Ricard and a Martini bottle!! )

And here we have (on the left) Crab and Dill omlette, and to the right is the trout pate on potato and parmesan bread with avocado and poached egg (: and you can see some coffee also THEY HAD MISMATCHING SAUCERS <33333 :D

And finally we had my main meal of the morning Avocado, poached eggs and hollandaise sauce atop yummy corn fritters. (this really amazed me seeing as i don't usually like corn too much... however if I could say one thing, after a while the corn did get a bit over powering just because there was SO MUCH OF IT... but besides that this get the thumbs up.)
not to mention i saw capsicum growing in the pot in the corner, i mean really capsicum? awesome!

If your in the area you should totally give this place a try, its too darn cute to miss out on ^^

also this is my first time giving a restaurant review so... thats for reading (:

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taxi xoxo

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