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You drop a coin... into the sea... and shout out "Please come back to me"...
You name your child... after your fear... and tell them "I have brought you here"...

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Oh! O Bal Tan!

Guess what fellas? no seriously guess, and no its not I've finally gotten a life, and no its not I've finally moved out of home- though it is something similar I suppose...

IM IN SYDNEY! (insert happy dance here) 

oh yea thats right, I've journeyed out from my baby city of Perth and ventured into the decidedly adult city of Sydney, triple the population and quarter the space- it feels like your in a moshpit just walking down the street. 

Sadly however this trip couldn't be chilling out for a week, i'm a student, there's no such thing as chilling out for a week straight, I've brought all my novels and history books and text books with me (no shit, one third of my suitcase was made from trees D:) BUT I have found some time to enjoy myself by 

1) omfg there's a cute little puppy sitting on my feet right now!! :3 
Don't you just wanna die!!
2) Being with the sis and her new hubbie-to-be and 
And they call me immature... 
3) going out to eat.

It seems that Korean food is a new thing for my now, Ninniku Jip and now O Bal Tan across the freaking country- its obviously a sign, someone hook me up for a Korean language class! But anyway, in contrast to Ninniku Jip this was one of those grill-it-yourself places, except with legit charcoal, none of that pansy gas/hot plate shit- this was the real deal.  (also note: copper conducts really quickly) 
However first things first, alcohol was to be provided (and not to be shot back, but to be sipped), this was soju (sojo?) something similar to sake, only Korean.

Then comes the food- we got the beef and pork combo, plus all the sides and sauces. 

Sides and Sauces->

<-Beef and pork 

The mushroom salad thing (as seen on the far right) was amazing! usually I'm the biggest fan of mushrooms, so this might not mean much but man, so tasty. And the tauge was itself very good. My sister was telling me that she had made it herself once with an online recipe, that it was real easy and the flavours simple to combine, told me I should give it a try some time, I think I'm gonna believe her... the only time she's lead me astray was when she told me your meant to eat the paper at the bottom of the Char Sew Pow... *glare* 

But seriously I think the main flavours of Korean cooking are as follows: Garlic... Chilli... that is all... maybe a bit of sesame seed oil.. THAT. IS. ALL (probably not)... but its so good!  

Then came the grilling bit- I believe this was the beef ribs, on the bone, like a cave man (they must have had massive calluses on their fingers cause meat off the bone off the grill was effing hoooot!)

Effing Hot!
But yes it was a wonderful experience, the food was not as good as i've had in other Korean BBQ restaurants (and they didn't have beef bulgogi (I mean whaaaat?)) which was disappointing and you did kinda have to hack at the beef until you got it to bite size pieces, and when it wasn't your turn with the scissors you kinda burnt the roof off your mouth trying to bite it into bite size pieces (maybe that was just me...) and price wise it wasn't to bad $35/head (and there were seven hungry eaters) BUT it was lovely I would definitely go back there again for the atmosphere, probably even just for the legit charcoal (and the missing fire blanket, no shit, the sleeve was empty :S)

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taxi xoxo

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