The night starts here... forget your name... forget your fear...
You drop a coin... into the sea... and shout out "Please come back to me"...
You name your child... after your fear... and tell them "I have brought you here"...

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Moping around at Melville Markets

To prevent the bad experience I've just had with Melville Markets young padawans, come close and listen. BRING A FUCKING JACKET! it gets freezing! and its not even winter yet! I had to steal my own clothes that I was selling to try and insulate myself. That was a sad, sad day.

Checklist for a successful morning at Melville Markets
1. A warm jacket
.... Not check
2. One (or two) cup of environmentally minded joe

3. One crazy friend to keep you awake and help you carry all your shit

4. And finally you need all your shit.

Look! its so DARK!!!


Phew! now that thats all done, you just have to sit back, not glare at your customers when they don't buy anything, and make up prices at the top of your head, and hello an extra $100 :D

Also remember, don't start randomly singing- people find that scary and will not come into your carpark space ;D Take it from experience. (I can't say the same for if you bring a uke tho... hmmm)

Melville Markets, corner of Stock rd and Canning hwy, at the Coles carpark. $15 for a bay and it starts at 5 am, but some people have been known to sleep there overnight...

Taxi xoxo

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