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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Inspiration and Crumbles

Inspiration, when found, is better then sex. And this guy, Foodie at Fifteen is inspiration; or too me at least. See me and him = same boat... almost, was in the same boat ( he has succeeded mostly) , but anyway he is the person that I want to be one day.

He was fifteen when he started his blog, i'm sixteen; he wants to be a chef/ pretty much is a chef now, i'm starting my apprenticeship next year; he is a foodie, lo and behold I'm a foodie too!

The only thing different is that he's a much better blogger then me, and he manages to find himself in positions that further his education and experience, I mean he meets the coolest people almost by accident.

But maybe i'm just being jaded, because life is what you make it right, if i don't think i'll ever meet people then I won't right? or atleast that's what i've been taught... that could just be my hippie parents though :P

But anyway, back to my main point, this guy, "Nick" i think his name is, is awesome and you wouldn't be harming yourself one bit by checking out his blog that i've tagged up the top of this post.

Also; today, driven by my hunger and desire to use up all vegies from the Subi Street Markets (still so in love with them all) I made Apple and Rhubarb Crumble; not the best creation i've concocted, I think maybe more butter in the crumble next time, or melted butter.... hmmm... food for thought (no pun intended)

Anyway here we go!

What you need: (in picture form)


A few apples, I used 4 ( I got too excited and peeled the one on the end before taking the photo...oops..)
Rhubarb, I had two stalks, however in hindsight with 4 apples maybe use 2 and 1/2 or 3 stalks...
Cinnamon (just a touch for flavouring)

For the Crumble:

Some Flour
Some brown sugar if you really want it...


Peel and cut your apples, cut them anyway you like (I stood in front of the pan with a small knife and just cut any which way, however personally I like big chunky pieces)

Cut up your Rhubarb, again anyway you like.

Mean while, you'll need to melt some butter, a good chunk, with a nice sprinkling of sugar, stir them together.

(side note: half my butter had melted by the time i'd taken the photo- so don't take my photo as a reference to the sugar butter ratio)

Once all the butter is melted, and the sugar is incorporated, add your apple and cook it for a few minutes, giving it a good shake every now and then, next dump in the rhubarb.

stir that through with a sprinkling of cinnamon, now you'll just want to cook that for another few minutes until the fruits start to give off their own juices. Let them cool after that.

While your fruits are cooling start making the crumble ( as I said before, my crumble didn't turn out to perfect, try and add melted butter instead and give it a shot- I know I will next time)

combine all the ingredients in a bowl, then all you need to do is rub all of it together, till they resemble bread crumbs, adding each ingredient to the ratio that you think is right.

However if you are a wet blanket and don't want to get butter and flour under you nails (my god it's hard to get out) feel free to use a fork and the side of the bowl, using a press and slide motion, rubbing the butter and flour and sugar together.

I've just found out that i've been making crumble the wrong way my entire life, i've only been putting the crumble on the top! can you believe it? The other day, my friend came into the art studio with a home baked pear crumble from his darling mother, imagine my surprise when I took a chunk with my spoon ( we're teenagers, we don't need plates) and found out that she'd crumbled both sides! Top and bottom! It was a revelation, no longer will i have to hoard the top coating of crumble and annoy my entire family when they get only apple! it was amazing! .... ok so i just went on a bit of a tangent; but the moral of the story- layer the crumble! are you listening?

(oh my god! double the crumble!) ( and you have to wonder why i've put on 3 kg lately)

now you need to whack it in the oven, feel free to plop some butter on the top for the nice golden melty effect, at 180C for about 20 minutes, or atleast until golden, it shouldn't matter too much because your fruits are already cooked (:

Mine didn't turn out as golden as i would have liked, and the crumble was a bit floury, so next time melt the butter, or just add more butter, or maybe if i added butter on the top before baking it... oh well only the next time will tell :P

taxi out xoxo

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