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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Creme Caramel!

wow... this has been a while... my dear apologies to those who actually read this every once and a while. :D

anywhoo today, on the bus home from school I was over come with the sudden urge to eat something really really sweet! (and really with my lit teacher The Sharpie talking about Red Velvet wedding cakes all afternoon, who could really blame me?) and since I'd become addicted to this awesome guy called The Aubergine Chef (seriously go check him out, this is his recipe)
I thought I'd try my hand at making my own photo recipe post...thing....

SO, this is what has been shat out of my wednesday afternoon (when I really should be doing homework due tomorrow...><)

First! you will need:

milk - 13oz
eggs - 6oz (or just 3 large ones)
sugar - 3 1/4 oz
then some extra sugar to melt for the carmel bit (:

( I haven't converted the measurements because I thought I didn't want to confuse them, like 13 oz is 384.45 ml, now who really want to pour that out to the exact measurement ><)

Second! what you need to do:

Put the extra sugar into a pot on the stove over a low heat and melt the sugar, giving the saucepan a good shake every once and a while to make sure it doesn't stick to the bottom and BURN!! This process is called "caramelisation" as my Food Science teacher continues
to tell me. Now make sure it doesn't get too brown, other wise it will just taste bitter, you wan
t a nice golden rich colour- I let mine get a bit too brown ):

Once the sugar is nice and in a liquid state, you wanna pour it into an oven proof dish, suitable for Creme Caramel, and swirl it around the bottom and a bit of the sides, this makes the lovely caramel sauce over the top of the baked custard.

Next thing you will have to deal with is the heating of the milk, ( a very hard task i'm sure of) remember don't let it boil, just heat it to below the point.

With your milk slowly heating up, and your sugar setting up to the side now is the time to whisk the egg and sugar together to make a uniform consistency. But beware, you will have to stir in the sugar immediately or the sugar might chemically cook it, and sorry guys but the cooking process is coming up a bit later in this recipe, and if the egg is premature it will just be awkward on all of us (*seeedy eyes*) ( oh god there's something wrong with me if I can be dirty with chemically cooked eggs (oh god the images!!!))

Ok so once your eggs have been whisked and your milk has been sufficiently heated you will temper the hot milk into the egg mixture, and 'temper' is just a fancy word for saying pour the milk in slowly at first while whisking the eggs at the same time, so as to make sure the whisked egg doesn't turn to scrambled egg because of the heat of the milk (man there are so many things that want to cook this egg! poor thing :3)
Once it has all been combined you can now feel free to pour it into the previously prepared oven dish that the egg will finally be legitimately cooked in. yay!

Then you will want to put this dish into a water bath, that is put it in a bigger container and fill it up with hot water till half-way up the sides of the oven proof dish that we're using.

Now all you have to do is shove it in the oven at 325F (or about 160C) for 30-40 minutes, this of course depends on the size of your creme caramel, but if you keep an eye on it i'm sure it'll be fine (:

You can tell its done when, if shaken, the entire top has a uniform wave motion. When this occurs, take it out of the oven and let it cool.

Once nicely chilled you can see that it will have set a bit, take it out of the water bath and run a knife around the edges of the dish and invert the custard carefully onto another plate, and voila! you have creme caramel!

Now to the final and most important step, GET A SPOON OUT OF THE DRAWER AND EAT THE JIGGLY BAKED CUSTARDY GOODNESS!! omnomnomnom

taxi out xoxo

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