The night starts here... forget your name... forget your fear...
You drop a coin... into the sea... and shout out "Please come back to me"...
You name your child... after your fear... and tell them "I have brought you here"...

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Ninniwhat now?

Rejected by a full Sebastian's, wandering the streets of Victoria Park, cold and starving me and my fellow ravenous companion stumbled into the lovely restaurant of Ninnikujip (pronounced Ninny- Coo- Jip), where we went to more for the novelty of the name then anything else...

Ninnikujip is a Japanesse/ Koren restaurant, leaning more to the Korean side of things. It was a tasty restaurant, a bit more expensive then I thought the food called for, but the service was comfortable, in that wow-I-just-want-to-hug-these-people-they're-so-earnest kinda way, and the atmosphere was chic and slick, bright colours and music videos in the corner- and we can forget the kiddies playground- thats right a KIDDIES PLAYGROUND in the corner O.o!!

I got the Ishiyaki Bibimbap- Pork, which (if you don't know your Korean food) is rice, vegetables and sliced pork served up in a stone bowl, there is chilli paste, kimchi, tauge and miso soup on the side/ to mix into the rice as one gigantic delicious pile of protein, carbohydrates, glucose and fat. 

And my ravenous companion (pronounced Fa-th-ur) got the Ishiyaki Bibimbap- Beef, raw egg york included (and yes they really wrote it like that)

And the Father had a preservative free beer, Cape Bouvard... (I wish it were pronounced Cape Boulevard)... sadly I didn't try any, Dark Ales were always a bit too thick for me..  

However I did have the Calpis water (not pronounced cow-piss) it was... interesting... milky and water at the same time... with a taste i can't quite describe- though one of the adjectives would be 'sweet'.  

An interesting restaurant that I am excited to go back to, even just to try and sneak into the kiddy playground that I am far too tall to even worth putting in the effort to not get a concussion.

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Taxi xoxo

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